TripN shares your movement via automatic SMS messages.

Whether you need someone to follow you in real-time, for safety purposes or just for fun, then TripN is just the app for you!!


TripN Express

Unlike other apps where one manually still have to press the "Send" button for each individual SMS to be sent, TripN Express sends each message automatically. No sign-up to a service provider needed. Recipients do NOT need a smartphone to receive the SMS. The SMS is delivered to any mobile device that can receive standard text messages.


Getting started is easy! Download the free TripN Express app, enter the mobile number you want to send messages to plus how often you want to send it and you’re done. One FREE message credit is included in the download. Additional message credits are available for purchase via the Purchase Here-button. You will receive 10 message credits per $0.99 [US] purchase. TripN Express runs in full background mode, allowing users to multitask. This means that one can dial/receive calls, send/receive emails or use other apps while TripN Express is sending its automatic location messages in the background. Perfect for when using other navigation-apps on the same device, to track ones progress on a map or maybe using the phone's camera to take photos etc.



TripN Express accurately calculates, puts into a SMS and automatically sends your:


  • Position on earth [latitude and longitude]
  • Altitude
  • Current speed
  • Your general direction of movement
  • A selectable link that immediately opens a map with your position on the receivers’ device.
  • Any additional info that you want contained in the SMS [your name, destination, ETA etc.]


Share your trip’s progress, or be monitored or tracked for safety purposes:


  • Flying your aircraft – have someone flight-follow you.
  • Sailing your boat – have someone track your coordinates.
  • Hiking alone or in a group, cycling in remote areas or driving in high security risk areas - send accurate information regarding your position, just in-case anything happens!
  • The list of activities is endless, horseback riding, dog sledding or hunting excursions!
  • Just hit the Start-button and leave it to do the sending for you. No need for any other input from that point onwards until you wish to stop sending updates. Truly set-and-forget – even when the device has Auto-Locked!!!



TripN Express requires minimal set-up – 2 steps is all it takes!


  • Set SMS sending frequency.
  • Insert the SMS recipient’s mobile number.


Recipient numbers must be entered in International Format, so here are a few examples:



Country Code: 1

Example Mobile Number: 808-555-1234

International Format: 18085551234


•New Zealand:

Country Code: 64

Example Mobile Number: 021-555-1234

International Format: 64215551234

[Note the numbers’ initial zero is NOT included].



Country Code: 61

Example Mobile Number: 400-555-123

International Format: 61400555123


•United Kingdom:

Country Code: 44

Example Mobile Number: 7968-555123

International Format: 447968555123


•South Africa:

Country Code: 27

Example Mobile Number: 082-555-123

International Format: 2782555123

[Note the numbers’ initial zero is NOT included].


If you require help, please contact us at



Things you need to know:


It will only send messages if you have a data connection to your mobile device service provider or a Wi-Fi connection. It should not be your only means of safety when conducting a trip. TripN is not responsible for errors locating your position or failure of message delivery. Using Location Services may decrease battery life. When running in the background, TripN will discontinue sending messages when it has sensed no movement for a while.



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